GeoTask helps you to optimize delivery routes based on Google Maps including traffic estimation. Direct communication with field employees via mobile app enables you to preview the current stage of the plan and allows its rapid corrections. The collection of information in the field is facilitated by a wide range of options: taking pictures, creating voice notes and filling online forms.


Dispatcher’s app

Available tools enable dispatcher to manage tasks and monitor the progress of the work. The current position of the employee and the job status are visualized on the map with distinctive icon and color.

Mobile worker’s app

Field worker has access to the current list of tasks. Each task is described and contains necessary information for its completion. It also has its “life cycle” so that the dispatcher can track the progress. 

 Planner Support

Scheduling tasks

GeoTask options allow the dispatcher planner/holder to add tasks, set deadlines and track the progress of the work. Assigning tasks to employees is available in two modes: manual or automatic.

Scheduling meetings

Application shows available time slots, which makes easier to schedule appointments with clients. 

Optimization of tasks allocation

Dispatcher despite manual mode of tasks allocation can choose between two other automatic modes: “minimizing the use of resources” and “even the workload”. Optimization is based on the availability of resources,  location of tasks and deadlines.

Task progress monitoring 

Dispatcher sees the current position of the employee on the Google Map and can track his status: “online”, “offline”, “on the way” or “working”. Depending on the type, tasks  are presented as pictograms. Color of the pictogram indicates task’s status. 

Quantitative parameters

Tasks of the employee or a vehicle can be combined by quantitative parameters. We define values in task’s details and then designate  the employee or  the vehicle to take the job.

Skills & qualifications

Every task is described by skills and qualifications necessary to complete it. What is more, each profile of mobile worker includes list of his/her individual competencies. The task is assigned, when the requirements and worker’s profile correspond. 

Mobile Worker Support 

Current task list

Tasks are presented as a list. Changes in their status are visible as system notifications or labels. 

Task details

After selecting task from a list you can review its details: address, completion date, contact information, attachments.

Task Lifecycle

Activities perfomed in field are recorded by the status change and send through mobile app. The application also records  job status time change.


New tasks and status change notifications  are available on mobile devices.

Memos and attachments 

Creating memos in the form of text and images makes reporting much easier.
Dispatcher’s view
Mobile worker’s view


Task can include any form created by the planner/holder. Data are collected during fieldwork on mobile devices and then transferred to the holder. 

GeoTask other features

Task templates

Periodicity of tasks

Area service

Support of configurable forms

Scheduling meetings

Work time reporting

Google Map services support

Task import from file

Import of client catalogues/places from file 

Application in the cloud or on-premise

Attachment support