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GeoTask is a geospatial, cloud-based software solution that enables optimization of field operations and multiple deliveries.

If your company has many mobile workers, you’re probably facing the challenge of effective task management. GeoTask helps you allocate tasks in an efficient way, calculate optimal routes, and monitor your workforce in real time. In this way, you can improve the efficiency of your business processes and quality of the customer service.

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How can GeoTask help you?

field service management

Automate managing complex itineraries, real-time routing, daily and weekly scheduling and more.

Respond quickly to any unforeseen circumstances, such as a sudden absence of an employee.

Maintain packed schedules despite lower staff availability.

Eliminate the need of direct contact & paperwork exchange between dispatchers, field crews, recipients.

Since 2011, our customers have managed


using our Field Service Management solutions

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How will GeoTask improve your business?


increased effectivness of maintenance work


more tasks completed on time


lower overtime and travel costs


higher Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Improved efficiency of internal processes – clear operational processes and real-time access to information about tasks, technicians, and KPI’s. Improved information flow and optimized assets usage.
  • Prediction of service needs – collecting task data is a foundation for advanced prediction algorithms. This allows you to set optimal service times and modernization or maintenance works.
  • Have your crews ready for work – efficient flow of information about tasks/assignments/work, insight into current schedule, in-app notes, photographic documentation, current work status, and past tasks/renovation services history

Geospatial. Powered by Google Maps™. Available in the Cloud. Accessible online and on mobile. Ready for immediate use.

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