About GeoTask

What's Field Service Management?

Field Service Management systems are designed to efficiently manage field employees and resources, facilitating work planning outside of offices, such as at client locations. These systems enhance control over deadlines, working hours, and resource utilization, including vehicle fleets. GeoTask, as an FSM system, improves information flow and communication between field workers, dispatchers, logisticians, call center employees, and clients. It enhances operational efficiency, task allocation, and progress monitoring while standardizing completion times for various field tasks.

What's GeoTask used for?

GeoTask supports planners and dispatchers by assisting in tasks like:

  • Planning & scheduling appointments,
  • Optimizing task allocation,
  • Overseeing task progress,
  • Selecting parameters and skills for each task.

Additionally, it provides field workers with tools for:

  • Accessing up-to-date task lists & details,
  • Task life cycle registration,
  • Notifications,
  • Note updates and attachments,
  • Form submissions.

Does GeoTask include a mobile app for field workers?

Yes, GeoTask offers a mobile app for field service employees, compatible with Android operating systems.

Managing employees and resources in the field

Does GeoTask include routes for large trucks?

Yes, with GeoTask you can plan routes considering road restrictions, including those specific to large trucks.

How does GeoTask measure employee efficiency?

GeoTask provides statistics on completed tasks and working times for each employee, allowing you to compare their efficiency using the report module.

How are tasks distributed among employees?

GeoTask provides two task allocation options:

  • Minimizing resources – the system allocates as many tasks as possible to as few vehicles as possibles
  • Equally distributing tasks among employees, resources, vehicles, or teams

Factors considered in both options include:

  • Task priority
  • Client and fieldworker working hours
  • Time needed for task completion and travel
  • Required skills
  • Vehicle capacity

How does GeoTask react to changes in real time?

GeoTask allows real-time adjustments to planned routes by recalculating or editing tasks. Dispatchers can utilize the optimization engine or make manual changes. Automatic updates, according to set arrangements, can also be introduced.

Is there a maximum number of active users?

No, there is no limit on active users.

Testing, purchasing, installing, and licensing GeoTask

Can I try out GeoTask free of charge?

Yes, during the free demo call, and after the meeting, you can access GeoTask for a one-month paid trial.

What are GeoTask's pricing models?

Software as a Service (SaaS) with an inclusive license price.
on Premise with a one-time license payment and a quarterly system maintenance fee covering map services.

How long before GeoTask brings me benefits?

If you allocate tasks among more than 15 teams, vehicles, or fieldworkers, and each performs over 10 tasks, GeoTask can provide benefits surpassing its costs within the first month. Details depend on your licensing model. Explore our case study page to learn more about the benefits of Field Service Management.

Can I purchase a version for installation?

Yes, GeoTask can be installed on external servers.

What's the minimum duration of the subscription contract?

Our contracts are signed for an indefinite period with one month’s notice.

Integrations and customization

Is GeoTask compatible with local CRM systems?

Yes, GeoTask includes a REST API allowing automatic task loading from external CRM systems and feedback on task completion.

Is GeoTask compatible with local warehouse systems?

GeoTask can be integrated with warehouse systems for delivery schedule preparation and cargo loading order determination. Contact us to explore integration possibilities.

Can you customize GeoTask to our specific needs?

Absolutely. In addition to the out-of-the-box solution, we can tailor functionalities to your unique requirements. We recommend starting with the basic version and adding features as needed. Read more about this in our e-book, “System for managing employees in the field. Effective implementation.”.