What are the challenges for companies managing fieldwork?

Effective route and delivery planning 

Balanced and consistent with competencies allocation of tasks

Improving the quality of consumer service: shorter time of delivery and meetings 

Serving more clients in a shorter period of time

Monitoring and supporting your mobile workers

GeoTask is designed for


Telecommunications, water supply and sanitation, heating, energy, gas and oil

  • identification and resolution of network outages/accidents
  • network maintenance
  • service visits
  • broadband service launch and installation of subscription packages

Transport & Logistics

Transportation companies, couriers, food delivery

  • delivery planning and optimization 
  •  delivery tracking
  • reports

Public Sector

Fire brigades, police,  sanitation, municipal police

  • scheduling tasks and meetings
  • monitoring field activities
  • service visits

Service & Others

Household appliances, elevators, ATMs, cleaning companies, real estate, debt collection

  • scheduling meetings
  • service visits