How GeoTask influence your organization?


reduction of transportation costs


more completed tasks

GeoTask helps you to plan, monitor and assess your employees’ task performance. This easy-to-use solution improves the quality of your work and customer service. Check some of the benefits you can get: 

  • Route delivery optimization based on Google Maps (including traffic estimation) helps you to reduce transport costs, complete more tasks and ensure on-time performance. 

  • Direct communication with employees in the field via mobile app enables you to preview the current stage of the plan and allows its immediate corrections.

  • Wide range of options: taking photos, dictating memos and filling online forms streamline the collection of information in the field.

  • Analysis of the collected information leads to better work organization, greater customer satisfaction, costs reduction and profit increase. 

What makes GeoTask different from other apps? 

  • Free of charge verification of route optimization effectiveness based on your data

  • Product price includes licensed access to Google Maps Premium Plan

  • Your data is secure in Google’s cloud, but we can also implement GeoTask on your IT infrastructure