How will GeoTask benefit your organization?


  • You always have complete information about the status of your field workers and their tasks
  • Information flow in your company is uninterrupted
  • You never get complaints or negative customer reviews
  • Unplanned events and sudden tasks are handled without any problems
  • It’s easy for you to predict crisis events and plan predictive actions
  • You don’t see a reason for reducing transportation costs


… then GeoTask isn’t necessary for your organization – but if you want to see how we can improve your business – contact us! Get to know GeoTask’s potential.


Since 2011 our clients have dispatched over


tasks using FSM solutions

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In addition to significant improvement in your organization’s operation, GeoTask also improves corporate culture by developing technology and soft skills in the company.

  • Improve efficiency of internal processes – clear operational processes and real-time access to information about tasks, technicians, and KPI’s. Improved information flow and optimized assets usage.
  • Predict service needs – collecting task data is a foundation for advanced prediction algorithms. This allows you to set optimal service times and modernization/renovation works.
  • Turn manual planning into automated planning and paper into mobile devices
  • Instead of reactive call center service, provide your customers with proactive notifications
  • Have your employees ready for work – efficient flow of information about tasks/assignments/work, insight into current schedule, in-app notes, photographic documentation, current work status, and past tasks/renovation services history