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Enhancing field work management with GeoTask 19: greater control over equipment, materials, and field operations

By 13/07/2023July 14th, 2023news
GeoTask 19 is here!

Managing field work and field crews can be a challenging task, especially when overseeing assets in the field. To simplify this process, we are excited to introduce the Warehouse Module. It is an extension of GeoTask, our Field Service Management system for field work management and route optimization, available in its latest 19th edition.

The Warehouse Module offers seamless management of equipment, whether it’s on-site, carried by technicians, or stored in a warehouse. Additionally, it helps track and manage material consumption during field tasks. This enhancement significantly improves the overall efficiency of field operations.

Ideal Industries for GeoTask

GeoTask is tailored for businesses that manage field personnel. The Warehouse Module proves particularly useful for organizations that operate in the following industries or areas:


(network maintenance, customer service)


(energy, heating, gas, water & sewage)

Furniture delivery & assembly

Sales support

Maintenance services

Field research


At-home services


Functionality and Benefits of the Warehouse Module:

The Warehouse Module provides comprehensive control over equipment and materials owned by the company but used in the field. Key features and benefits include:

Enhanced equipment control

With real-time updates on equipment locations, GeoTask ensures fewer instances of lost equipment. You’ll always have an accurate overview of which equipment is at the customer’s premises, carried by technicians, or stored in a warehouse.

Efficient materials and equipment management:

Accurate information on equipment and material usage allows for better restocking planning, minimizing inventory costs. By avoiding excess equipment and materials storage, you can optimize resources and reduce waste.

Improved field technician productivity:

Field technicians can complete tasks faster by accessing the necessary equipment and materials. Reliable demand information ensures technicians have the required resources without delays or interruptions.

Streamlined work costs and accurate quotations:

By monitoring material consumption and establishing material demand standards, GeoTask enables effective budget management and service pricing. It also provides up-to-date information on equipment usage and material consumption for more accurate cost estimation.

Enhanced warehouse worker efficiency:

GeoTask simplifies warehouse management by granting and revoking access permissions for individual warehouse keepers. The introduction of Warehouse Groups facilitates bulk management of access permissions for warehouse workers, including subcontractors.

Precise tracking of sensitive materials:

For industries where accuracy and timely delivery are crucial, such as environmental or biological sample transport, GeoTask and the Warehouse Module offer invaluable support. Tagged samples can be easily registered and located within the system, ensuring precise tracking.

If you want to find out how GeoTask supports the laboratory tests sector – read the story of our cooperation with J.S. Hamilton.

Mobile application for efficient task execution:

In GeoTask 19, the mobile app has been enhanced with the integration of the Warehouse Module. Now, field workers can conveniently access information about equipment and materials directly from their mobile devices. For example, technicians can add equipment information to a task by scanning its barcode, ensuring accurate documentation of equipment location. The mobile app also enables technicians to add newly received equipment to the warehouse inventory, improving inventory management.

Moreover, the mobile app facilitates communication and resource sharing among field technicians. Technicians can request or exchange equipment with nearby colleagues, enhancing collaboration and optimizing resource utilization. These features contribute to faster task completion and smoother operations in the field.

We are continuously improving GeoTask to meet evolving business needs. In the upcoming GeoTask 20 release, expect the following enhancements:

  • A brand new, intuitive way to create work schedules for employees and teams
  • Subcontractor management

Stay tuned for more information!

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We hope you found this article informative and insightful. If you want to determine if GeoTask is the right fit for your business, feel free to contact us!