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How can you improve customer satisfaction and why does your business success depend on it?

By 06/04/2023blog

The high availability of services and significant competition in the marketplace means that the quality of service and customer experience is becoming increasingly important. Already more than half of companies are competing in this area – up from 36% in 2010*.

Therefore, taking care of Customer Experience (CX) is an extremely important factor in achieving business success. It allows you to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

How can modern technologies assist us in this daunting task?

Read this article to learn…

  • Why customer satisfaction is crucial in modern business
  • How modern technologies have changed our expectations of service delivery
  • How an FSM tool like GeoTask can improve service quality and customer satisfaction
  • What other improvements are we planning in GeoTask

The price and features of a product are no longer the most important brand differentiators. They have been outranked by customer experience (CX). How we take care of our customers will translate directly into whether they stay with us and recommend our services to the next person.

Most satisfied customers will recommend the company’s services to others – statistically, as many as 72% will do so. Each of them will share their experience with at least 6 other persons.

The very first contact a customer has with our company can determine whether they will stay with us for the long term or move on to our competitor. According to PwC’s customer experience survey of US consumers, up to 59% said they would choose another product or service after several bad experiences with a company and 17% after just one unpleasant experience. It is obvious that taking special care of this area is a must!

FSM benefits for individual customers

How have modern technologies changed customer expectations of service delivery?

The widespread use of various applications and portals allows us to handle almost any matter with a few clicks – from shopping to paying bills, sending packages, or making a doctor’s appointment. This has accustomed us to convenient, fast, and reliable service delivery. Customer portals have given us easy access to information about orders or service delivery. They also let us get many things done without leaving the safety of our homes or interacting with other people. Now we expect similar service quality in almost every area of life.

In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the use of technology to let us handle many matters as independently and unattended as possible.

Statistics show that 67% of consumers prefer using self-service portals over talking to a consultant, and as many as 91% say they would use this option if it were available and tailored to their needs.

Customer care and top-quality services thanks to a field task management system

How can we deal with the demands placed on us by the recipients of our services? How can we ensure that services are carried out smoothly and quickly and that the customer has a sense of control over what is happening? Modern technology comes to the rescue with systems for managing work and teams in the field, such as GeoTask.

GeoTask automatically creates optimal work schedules and assigns tasks. It takes into account all sorts of requirements, such as the location, skills, or equipment of the technician needed to perform the task, staff availability, required completion time, etc.

The system allows you to monitor the work in real time. It also allows you to make instant changes to the plan in response to dynamically changing circumstances.

All of this makes it possible to complete up to 40% more tasks in the same amount of time, so customer orders are completed faster and more efficiently.

GeoTask can be easily integrated with other applications and uses data sourced from them to manage tasks more efficiently. For example, integrating GeoTask with UPC’s (a telecommunications company) provisioning system has allowed UPC significantly reduce the time needed to launch a service at the customer’s site.


By 2027, more than 50% of the global community will use super apps combining the functions of multiple systems.

How will GeoTask help me take better care of my customers?

Most of the problems faced by businesses providing various types of services revolve around one issue – how can we make our customers happy?

GeoTask is equipped with features that support exactly this goalproviding the best possible customer experience and improving customer care, thus raising the overall quality of services.

Particularly in the latest release of GeoTask, we have focused on this area. It may seem counter-intuitive to link the use of a field service management system with raising customer satisfaction, so let’s see how exactly GeoTask helps achieve this goal:

Comprehensive knowledge about the customer

The Customer Module allows you to store all the most important information about your clients, but also the locations to which the clients are assigned. With this, you can trace the history of tasks performed for a given customer or at a given location. This continuity can help you better plan future tasks.

Assigning information to a location and not necessarily to a customer is helpful, especially when one address frequently changes formal owners while its function remains the same. This often happens in the case of retail space or power grids. Collecting information about a given address gives insights into what tasks were performed there before the change of ownership.

fsm benfits for business

Customer control over tasks

Self-management of appointments

The online self-service portal allows you to plan, reschedule, and cancel appointments yourself without contacting the customer service office. GeoTask will immediately include this change in the technician’s schedule.

Completion of tasks in convenient time slots

According to a Capgemini report, to 73% of customers, it was more important that the delivery of order was completed within a convenient time slot than as quickly as possible.

GeoTask allows you to choose the time slot in which the service will be delivered. As a result, customers do not have to wait all day, for example, for a technician to visit and set up the Internet.

Better information for customers & visit management via e-mail and SMS

Thanks to the Notification Module, customers are informed about the status of their scheduled visit by text message and email. They can manage their visits via the received messages with the included links to the self-service portal.

Better cooperation with field crews

Scheduling a visit directly by a technician

If need be, the employee performing the task at the customer’s site can immediately schedule another visit using the mobile app. This eliminates the need for the customer to contact the customer service office. They can also be sure that they will be served by the same technician, who already knows the situation and will complete the work more efficiently.

Preview of other tasks in the field, both pending and completed

Viewing tasks at a given location gives the technician knowledge of what actions have already been taken on a particular case and what actions are planned. For example, they can check what repairs have already been performed for a particular customer and over what time interval. This increases the efficiency of the operation and the likelihood that the customer’s problem will be resolved faster and with greater accuracy.

FSM GeoTask/Traxx for Dispatchers

What other improvements do we plan to introduce in GeoTask?

GeoTask is changing and evolving in response to the changing user needs. Let’s see what other enhancements we will be implementing in the near future!

Easier equipment handling management

We plan to introduce a Warehouse Module that will make it easier to manage the handling of equipment assembled or disassembled at customers’ sites, for example, modems for telecom customers.

More efficient subcontractor management

Not every company has its own field crews. It may only have subcontractors, or it may need to expand its team and not have the capacity to hire new persons. In the next release of GeoTask, we plan to introduce the possibility of managing multiple subcontractors from a single system, which will facilitate planning as well as control of the performed work.

The upcoming GeoTask releases will also bring improvements in scheduling, the possibility of creating periodic statistics, and KPI tracking.

Did you find this article interesting? Are you looking for ways to improve the quality of your services and customer experience? Are you wondering if GeoTask will work for you?