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Continued support during the pandemic – we are here for you

By 06/04/2020blog, news

We all find ourselves in challenging and difficult times. The COVID-19 pandemic has a significant impact on our daily lives and influences the way we work and communicate with each other. Learn more about safety measures implemented at Globema in order to ensure the continued support for our employees, customers & partners.

We trust that our safety precautions & internal procedures will enable us to continue providing contracted services without any turbulences and with no impact on SLAs. We implemented several practical precautions to minimize the risk of COVID-19 amongst our staff:

  • We split the team and introduced home-office work, so the majority of our staff stays away from potentially hazardous situations. Procedures for home-office had been defined earlier, remain up-to-date and were tested in practice
  • We are ready to operate remotely across the whole Globema group
    – Our team continues to be diversified geographically between offices in Warsaw and Łódź, as well as Bucharest and Prague
    – Our teams have the required technical components including computers, VPN licenses, required internet links capacity from multiple vendors.
    – All components have been tested and verified in all our locations
    – Bandwidth of the primary and secondary internet connection has been increased
  • All international trips have been canceled, local business travel is limited to the absolute minimum
  • People taking key roles in the organization don’t meet each other in one place to eliminate risk of quarantine. Management decisions are being worked out and taken remotely
  • Our employees were provided with the necessary training and health instructions and are periodically updated about new developments and recommendations
  • We introduced all necessary safety measures at our offices as well:
    – Each of our offices has been equipped with hand sanitizers
    – Our cleaning staff works during business hours sanitizing door handles and other “hot spots” to prevent the indirect transfer of the virus
    – Our hardware (especially keyboards and pointing devices) is being regularly sanitized
  • Last but not least – we made sure that our employees are fully aware of their responsibility towards coworkers. They shall react on very first symptoms of potential sickness and isolate themselves immediately

In case of any important updates or changes, we will inform you immediately. If you have any questions or urgent demands – please do not hesitate to reach out to us.