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Beyond routing: customer relations

By 03/04/2020April 6th, 2020Beyond routing, blog

Effective customer relations are fundamental for long-term success in business. Your regular customers are more likely to trust you when they are always served by the same employees. It’s possible that you only use a CRM program. They usually don’t support creating service regions for the employees nor optimizing routes in those regions.

Creating operational regions is important for business in industries such as:

  • Finance/loans – for example a debt collection process.
  • Retail/supply – deliveries of regular stock items or materials.
  • Trade/commerce – regional managers regularly visit key customers.

GeoTask supports proactive communication with the customer and managing regional fieldwork. The application allows you to allocate employees to different regions that suit your business. Several cities or provinces can be assigned to particular employees. When they execute the daily tasks, GeoTask helps to optimize their routes.

How does it work?


Define the regions and their borders in GeoTask. The application has no limits like for example province borders.

GeoTask automatically matches customers' addresses with regions.

Assign regions to particular employees. You can assign more than one region per employee.

When GeoTask schedules daily fieldwork, it assigns tasks to employees considering their regions.

What will you get?

  • Customer satisfaction, his sense of security and stability.
  • Your employees are familiar with their fieldwork spots and may keep keys or passes to objects that they take care of such as vending machines, ATMs, heat centers, etc. This also increases their sense of responsibility for a customer or object.

What will you avoid?

  • Unstable customer service.
  • Sending different employees to handle important business deals.

Give it a try!

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