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Beyond routing: scheduling tasks based on skills and qualifications

By 02/04/2020April 6th, 2020Beyond routing, blog

Companies across many industries have to operate in many different areas of services. Therefore, their employees perform all sorts of tasks that require the right skills and tools. You might have found it difficult to efficiently plan your company’s daily fieldwork. After all, there are many factors to consider to match technicians to the right tasks – such as skills, qualifications, and availability of employees as well as requirements and locations of tasks.

Assigning tasks based on skills is important in industries such as:

  • Insurance – automotive claims adjusting requires different qualifications than property claims adjusting.
  • Telecommunications – an employee has to be authorized to work at heights to work on signal towers.
  • Energy/gas – an employee has to be authorized to enter the transformer station or to handle gas fittings.
  • Household appliances/services and electronics – a specialist who repairs a particular brand’s washing machines is not qualified to repair another brand’s coffee machine.

GeoTask is a tool that allows to define skills required by a given task and match them with an appropriate employee. Additionally, it considers factors such as tasks’ locations and deadlines.

How does it work?

Start with the basics:


Define the skills and qualifications required in your company or industry. Don’t forget about soft skills!

Mark those types of tasks or problems that require particular skills or qualifications. Consider different factors (such as required SLA) as well. Once task types are precisely defined, there is no need to repeat defining parameters when creating a new task in the system.

Enter employees' profiles to the application. Add their skills and qualifications from the list you defined in the first step. You can also add tools required for different tasks like for example an excavator necessary for replacing underground cables.

What can GeoTask optimizer help you with?


Plan work schedules for each day.

Optimize routes for your employees considering their skills, locations, task priorities, and time needed for task execution.

What will you get?

  • Improved efficiency – you can plan fieldwork fast. It doesn’t matter how many employees you have, how many skills are there to consider.
  • Proactive communication with the customer – you can schedule fieldwork visits during the first contact with the customer. GeoTask immediately shows available time slots.
  • Improved management of the unique skills of your specialists.
  • Improved tools management.

What will you avoid?

  • Sending multiple specialists to complete the task.
  • Unnecessary repetition of fieldwork appointments.

Give it a try!

Sign up for a live showcase of GeoTask – our experts will show you how the field service management can support your business!