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We’re here to support organizations operating in the field during the COVID-19 pandemic

By 26/03/2020April 28th, 2020blog, news

During the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations providing services & operating in the field need to reorganize & often reinvent their daily work. Due to movement restrictions and the constant threat of contagion, there are fewer field technicians & deliverers available. Some of them need to stay at home with their children, some need to focus on supporting their elderly. On the other hand, there is an increased need for contact-free deliveries and efficient maintenance of critical infrastructure.

In these difficult times, we would be happy to help with our software tools of the Field Service Management (FSM) category.
GeoTask & GeoTraxx are geospatial, cloud-based software solutions that enable optimization of field operations and multiple deliveries.

  • They automate managing complex itineraries, real-time routing, daily and weekly scheduling and more.
  • By using field service management and route optimization tools, organizations can maintain their packed schedules despite lower staff availability. They can also respond quickly to any unforeseen circumstances, such as a sudden absence of an employee.
  • Web-based dispatcher panels and smartphone apps eliminate the need of both direct contact & paperwork exchange between everyone involved (dispatchers, field crews, recipients).
  • Since GeoTask and GeoTraxx are available in the Cloud, and accessible online, they are ready for immediate use.

Field Service Management solutions – your support during the pandemic

Globema is offering 50% discount on new subscriptions for all other enterprise customers & organizations that are not directly involved in fighting the pandemic, but are negatively impacted by it. This is our way to help and a temporary initiative, valid till the quarantines are over and the situation settles.

For institutions & organizations directly involved in the fight against the epidemic we make our software available free of charge. Please share this information with medical professionals, police, sanitary and epidemiological station employees.

If you are interested in getting such software support for your organization, do not hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to help, consult and advise promptly and for free – there’s no obligation whatsoever!