Automatic scheduling and dispatching – efficient field work

If your company has many mobile workers, you’re probably facing the challenge of effective task management. GeoTask, a Field Service Management solution, helps you allocate tasks in an efficient way, calculate the most optimal routes, and monitor your workforce in real time. In this way, you can improve the efficiency of your business processes and quality of the customer service.

How will GeoTask help improve your business?

Scheduling and dispatching tasks for field workers

Assigning tasks based on:

  • Employees’ permissions and skills that fit the task type
  • Employees’ availability
  • Task location
  • Task deadline

The work planning process will be as automated as possible. Allocating periodic tasks won’t require a dispatcher’s assistance

Increased customer satisfaction

Improved quality of customer service ensured by:

  • Shorter wait time for scheduling appointments
  • Fewer missed and failed appointments
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Notification of the technician’s estimated arrival time

Increased fieldwork efficiency

Increased fieldwork efficiency stemming from:

  • Shorter commute time for field workers
  • Direct communication between field workers and dispatchers via mobile app
  • Digital documentation of the task
  • Tasks assigned to field workers which have the skills necessary to complete them

Reduction in operating costs

Optimization of tasks, routes, and field work reduces your operating costs of:

  • Fuel – more efficient and faster routes (traffic estimation)
  • Employees – optimal dispatching and real-time work monitoring will reduce overtime and make dispatchers work more efficiently
  • Regional distribution centers – automated tasks assignment will allow the dispatcher to manage more field workers. Technicians no longer need to be bound to a specific area

Streamline tasks by up to 40%
Cut travel costs by up to 30%
→ Simplify equipment and material management in warehouses


Is how many tasks our customers manage every month thanks to our Field Service Management solution. Join them now!